Booking Terms and Cancellation Policy

  • The passenger limit is adjusted depending on the type of boat you choose.
  • The boats and engines are brand new (2023) and are checked with full service before each delivery.
  • The lessee is solely responsible for any mechanical or other damage caused by his own fault to the vessel during the charter as well as for the loss of the whole or part of the equipment, which exists on board upon delivery.
  • Prices include: Insurance, an ice cooler, a bathroom ladder, all rescue – fire extinguishing – supplies, according to the Greek legislation and depending on the type of boat, a GPS –  a sounder, a water tank with a shower.
  • Prices do not include fuel costs. The Boat is delivered to the lessee full of fuel, the cost of fuel (only unleaded gasoline) is borne exclusively by the lessee. The refueling of the boat with fuel is undertaken by us.
  • It is possible to deliver and collect the boat outside the headquarters of Thalaseaboats upon request (there may be an extra charge).
  • It is possible to rent per day or for more days upon request.
  • The lessee is not required to have a speedboat skipper license for boats up to 30 hp engine. A speedboat  skipper’s license is required to rent a specific type of boat.
  • The total cost is estimated based on the total rental days and depends on the type of the boat.
  • The rental starts every day at 09:00–10:00 and ends at 17:00–18:00 on the same day and can be modified according to your needs, in consultation with Thalaseaboats.
  • The final cost includes the cost of renting the boat, VAT, cleaning the boat after the completion of the rental and the insurance of both the boat and the passengers (third party insurance).
  • The use of shoes on board is not allowed due to hygiene rules and to maintain the cleanliness of the boat.
  • To confirm a reservation, a deposit of 30% of the total amount is required. The remaining 70% is paid before the lessee picks up the boat. The deposit is refunded only if the reservation is cancelled up to 72 hours before the start of the rental.
  • Guarantee. Depending on the type of boat and the duration of the lease, you have the obligation to pay in advance  an amount from 100 to 300 € (in cash) as a deposit for any damages, which is refunded at the end of the lease and the final check upon return of the boat.
  • Weather conditions. The leasing and departure of the vessel normally takes place when the intensity of the winds does not exceed the permissible limits and the port authorities allow it. In case of adverse weather conditions that prohibit departure on the day of the start of the rental, the rental is postponed to another day provided there is availability or the deposit is refunded upon request.
  • In case of not severe bad weather that does not pose any risk (eg. cloudiness) and since there is no prohibition of departure by the local port authorities, the rental is still valid and no refund is given.
  • In order to confirm a reservation, the customer’s credit card details (number, expiration date and security code) are required, which are kept until the end of the rental in a secure system, in compliance with personal data protection rules.
  • Thalasea boats reserves the right to cancel any scheduled rental at any time under urgent circumstances or technical problems.

Thalasea boats is committed to deliver another vessel with similar characteristics to replace the first at the same price.  If it is not possible to replace the boat, the company proposes to the customer an alternative rental day and time. If again the change of the reservation date is not convenient, then the deposit is refunded to the lessee.

  • The extension of the boat rental takes place only in consultation with the company “Thalaseaboats” and depends upon the availability of boats.
  • In case of failure to return the boat on the designated date, time and place the lessee is responsible for the extra charge. If the boat is returned 30 to 60 minutes later and for every additional hour, there is an extra charge (20,00€/hour).
  • The skipper is NOT allowed to consume alcohol or other substances and drugs that affect the ability to drive. The same rules for driving on asphalt apply to the sea. Smoking is NOT allowed to any of the passengers on board.
  • Please drive responsibly. Inappropriate driving behavior is not acceptable. Thalaseaboats has the right to terminate the rental contract at any time without any refund, if the lessee does not respect and does not comply with the rental terms, as defined in writing in the contract signed by both parties.


In compliance with the General Port Regulation (G.K.L.) No. 38 regulating the leasing of motor boats and high-speed small crafts:

– To operate each vessel leased must have a license (blue and not green held by amateur boats) which indicates that it is professional.

–  A special indication of the boat’s destination and the phrase “LEASED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PROVISIONS OF No. 38 GENERAL PORT REGULATION” must be cited in red in the license of the vessel.

– Violators are punished with a fine of forty thousand (40.000,00) €– The lessor is obliged to deliver the following with the lease to each lessee:

(a) The original license for the operation of voyages and  the leasing of a vessel

(b) Copy of the insurance policy

(c) Certified copy of the lease license

(d) Copies of the General Port Regulations (G.K.L.) No. 20, 23 regulating the movement and circulation of motor boats and high-speed crafts as well as (G.K.L.) No. 38.


All our boats are covered by third party liability insurance with the following maximum limits per accident:

– Bodily injuries – Death of passengers and third parties due to an accident 150.000 Euros per person.

– Bodily injuries – Death of passengers and third parties due to an accident 700.000 Euros per incident.

– Material damage to third parties by event and with a maximum of 150.000 Euros

– Marine pollution caused by event and with a maximum of 150.000 Euros

The insurance does not cover any accidents caused to the lessee – skipper of the boat as well as the loss of personal belongings of the passengers.

– Maximum liability limit of insurance company 1.000.000 Euros.

The Rental Process

1.Availability request

Please fill in the application giving full details (it is forbidden to rent a boat to young people under 18 years old), exact dates, pick-up and delivery place, boat selection,  the number of passengers, and any other request you may have.

In order to complete the reservation of a boat you must prepay 30% of the total amount of the fee. The remaining 70% is paid before picking up the boat.

All payments can be made by cash, credit/debit card, PayPal or bank deposit. Any other payment method is not accepted.

For the purposes of completing the Private Boat Rental Agreement, please send us the following absolutely necessary documents:

  1. Copy of both sides of the identity card.
  2. Copy of the speedboat skipper’s license (depending on the type of boat).
  3. Information necessary for issuing payment receipts.


Upon arrival at the predetermined pick-up point of the boat you will be asked to sign all the necessary documents for its rental (private rental agreement and equipment list), as well as to settle any financial pending issues.

We remind you that during the rental, depending on the type of vessel, you must bring both the license to perform voyages as well as the skipper’s certificate on board, which will be shown to the Port Authorities upon request.

Upon receipt, there is a step-by-step demonstration of the vessel, its equipment and detailed information on the rules of safe navigation. The boat is delivered with full fuel tanks.

The previous actions can be done beforehand at our headquarters after consultation with Thalasea boat rental, in order to expedite the departure on the designated day.


The return of the boat to the delivery point is done at the designated time. Upon delivery, the condition of the vessel and its equipment is checked. The refueling of the boat is undertaken by us. The cost of fuel is borne exclusively by the lessee.



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