Safe sailing instructions

  • The captain must always be alert for swimmers and snorkelers. ATTENTION! A yellow – orange sign in the water with a yellow flag on top of it with the letters Y,D on it shows that there is a snorkeler up ahead. Lower your speed and maintain a distance of 150 meters at least .
  • Do not go close to the waves behind a passing boat or ship.
  • Never follow another boat in a distance less than 500 meters.
  • Do not let the passengers move around the boat while sailing or sit with their legs out of the boat.
  • Secure the quick –stop on your wrist or leg before you start the engine.
  • Adjust the trim (“Play” with the trim) while sailing in order to find the optimum position of the engine/boat (having the best speed with the best position of the boat and the lowest consumption).
  • If you here an unusual sound coming from the engine or from the beeper of the engine’s instrument TURN OFF the engine (make sure you adequate distance from the coast) and contact us.
  • If you wish to drive along the coastline, slow down up to 5 miles per hour, keep a distance of at least 300 meters from the coast and make sure nobody is swimming ahead.
  • If you want to swim or go out on the beach, drop the anchor in a depth of at least 3 meters and tie the rope to the boat. The length of the chain and rope should be at least three times the depth of the sea.
  • Attention! Diving from the boat in shallow water can cause an accident!
  • Attention!! Make sure the engine is off when swimmers are around the boat.
  • Smoking is forbidden to everybody while refiling the gasoline tank.



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